Yarra Ranges Competition

Most Recent Winner


Avg. Rtg.
7th Sep 2017Montrose Primary School38490Blank profile iconMatthew McCullough
8th Jun 2017Lilydale Primary28435Blank profile iconJulien Sebire
23rd Mar 2017Lilydale Primary24487Blank profile iconJasper Blair
1st Sep 2016Edinburgh College71556Blank profile iconBlank profile icon
2nd Jun 2016Lilydale Primary49594Blank profile iconJoe Lam
17th Mar 2016Lilydale Primary71484Blank profile iconEugene Goh
17th Sep 2015Edinburgh College48536Blank profile iconJames Lam
28th May 2015Lilydale Primary66526Blank profile iconBlank profile icon
28th Aug 2014Lilydale Primary53608Blank profile iconFlynn Addicott
29th May 2014Lilydale Primary25557ImageJustin Finlay
15th Oct 2013Billanook College36646Blank profile iconMichael Gershenzon
8th Aug 2013Montrose Primary57647Blank profile iconSunny Ou
6th Jun 2013Lilydale Primary53625Blank profile iconKarlin Brown
8th Nov 2012Lilydale Primary42639Blank profile iconAlan Wu
9th Aug 2012Montrose Primary38687Blank profile iconNathan Paas
27th Jun 2012Bimbadeen Heights Primary49675Blank profile iconKarlin Brown
9th Nov 201129645Blank profile iconAndreas Belbasis
11th Aug 2011Montrose Primary55660Blank profile iconSean Beacham
16th Jun 201177639Blank profile iconSean Beacham
15th Mar 201131692Blank profile iconNathan Diepgrond

Participation by School

8th Jun 2017
7th Sep 2017
Montrose Primary1721263 (5 wins)
Lilydale Primary11 (1 win)5226 (4 wins)
Mooroolbark East Primary105 (5 wins)
Bimbadeen Heights Primary70
Edinburgh College66
St Paul's Primary (Monbulk)50
Serpell Primary School46 (3 wins)
Kalinda Primary29
Good Shepherd Lutheran (Croydon)12
Great Ryrie Primary12 (1 win)
Birmingham Primary12 (1 win)12 (1 win)
Pakenham Secondary College10
Millwarra Primary9
Valkstone Primary9 (1 win)
Templeton Primary7 (1 win)
Woori Yallock Primary4
Coldstream Primary3
Kangaroo Ground Primary3
Hoddles Creek Primary2
Penleigh and Essendon GS Girls' ...1
Mill Park Primary1 (1 win)

Participation by Club

8th Jun 2017
7th Sep 2017
Chess Kids Centre6 (1 win)

Participation by Association

8th Jun 2017
7th Sep 2017
VIC7 (2 wins)

Next Tournament

The next Yarra Ranges tournament has not yet been scheduled.


Most tournaments played

Blank profile iconEthan Clark, with 10 tournaments

Most points scored

Blank profile iconBen Ryguschek42½9
Blank profile iconJasper Blair378
Blank profile iconJackson Addicott367
Blank profile iconKarlin Brown357
Blank profile iconEthan Clark33½10

Biggest upset

666 points — Blank profile icon Sam Eastwood 421 defeated Blank profile icon Charlie Hooper 1096 on 1st Sep 2016